Removing Oil Stains in Carpets

Getting stains out of carpets can be a real inconvenience, and this is incremented especially if the stain is oil based. Stains such as those coming from vegetable or olive oils, lubricants, or even baby oils can get stuck into carpet fibers, and this can be a hassle as well as costly to remove. If you want your carpet to remain pristine as well as be relatively more functional aesthetically for a longer period of time, then it is important to follow these tricks so that you can remove oil stains from carpets fast and easy.

How to Treat Oil Stains in Carpets

Once you have seen oil in your carpets, it is very important to act immediately. Blot out as much of the oil as much as possible using wet paper towels or wipes treated with mild solutions. This will help absorb any oils which can be removed quickly and this will make stain removal less cumbersome.

For oils that have been absorbed by your carpet, you may use any of the following:

  • White vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Liquid detergent
  • Baking soda
  • Cornstarch

Create a solution using any of these and let it settle for ten to fifteen minutes. For baking soda or cornstarch, however, apply liberally over the affected area. These are used to either dilute, dissolve, or otherwise absorb oils that have settled into the carpet. Set the solution a bit wider than the affected area and apply pressure such as by putting a book or any other heavy object over the area. This is to even out the entire surface as well as for the solution to really get into the fibers and achieve maximum absorption.

After this, you can blot out the affected area using a wet cloth or paper towel. Alternately, you may also vacuum the dry solution that has been used. Blot out excess materials with more towels and repeat the treatment if necessary.

It is also very important to only use only a controlled amount for the first few treatments. This is to ensure that the fibers will not get damaged due to chemical reaction between the fibers and the solution. This is critical especially for stronger solutions such as vinegar or alcohol. Gradually increase the quantity of cleaning solution used if you see that the stains are not being minimized.


Don’t use chemicals that contain bleach or those with strong fragrances as this will damage the delicate fibers. Also, avoid wiping or rubbing briskly the affected area as this will only spread the oil around and make it settle into the carpet more which will actually make it worse. When using any of the above solutions, it is also recommended to test the treatment in a hidden area to see if it would affect the color or texture of your carpet.

Hiring a Professional to Do the Job

Of course, it is still best to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to remove oil stains or any other type of dirt from your carpet. If you can afford it, they could provide much better services as compared to any do-it-yourself job. They have both the equipment and skills necessary to ensure that stains will be removed in the best and safest way possible.

It is very critical to have proper treatment and maintenance of your carpets. This will allow your carpets to look better during or even beyond its regular useful life. Thus, make sure to check your carpet regularly for stains and other problems. These are things that you can either do yourself or have it treated by professional carpet cleaning companies as the money that you pay will be well worth it. Aside from being able to better provide treatment and care, it is also more practical and convenient. Lastly, you will also get the peace of mind knowing that your precious carpets will definitely be maintained properly.

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