Craig Stevens

Children are a big part of families. They ensure the continuity of life and the family‘s generation tree. Taking proper care of them from the time they are toddlers to the time they are able to fend off for themselves is important. Some children do not survive in their most vulnerable times. Risk chances of […]

Removing Oil Stains in Carpets

Getting stains out of carpets can be a real inconvenience, and this is incremented especially if the stain is oil based. Stains such as those coming from vegetable or olive oils, lubricants, or even baby oils can get stuck into carpet fibers, and this can be a hassle as well as costly to remove. If […]

Hiring Lawyer to trademark for you can go a long way

Trademarks take the form of images, numerals, letters, words or a combination of these. They help in creating a distinction between your business and that of competitors. From another perspective, a trademark is a brand. Your clients identify you through the mark or logo hence the importance attached. Other than identification, logos help to establish […]

Selling a house in a depressed Market can be quite challenging. Be at Splendid Furniture rentals know how to make your house stand out. We have Professional Home stagers who will place rented Furniture in the best locations to accentuate the look of your house. Having your house professionally staged can make it really stand […]

Landscape maintenance is important even in winter

Most people do not give much thought to winter upkeep, while there are astonishing benefits to winter maintenance that go way beyond planting flowers and lawn mowing. Winter maintenance can save you money. Furthermore, it can save you time and make sure that your landscape continues to appear great come spring. Below are some of […]


Do you know the tell-tale warning signs of a raccoon infestation? As it turns out, it is much more than odd noises coming from your attic. If your home has torn soffits, broken attic vents, or damaged roof shingles surrounding your vents, there may be a raccoon (or a whole family) that has taken up […]