Dos and don’ts of dropping your child in daycare

Children are a big part of families. They ensure the continuity of life and the family‘s generation tree. Taking proper care of them from the time they are toddlers to the time they are able to fend off for themselves is important. Some children do not survive in their most vulnerable times.

Risk chances of children getting harmed

Children are extra playful and they do this more than kittens. For example, they will tend to throw dangerous stuff at each other like stones, sticks and anything that they can find throwable with their feeble hands.

When children are growing up, they may not be aware of the underlying dangers in some scenarios. Take for instance, a tree that has fallen on live electric cables whose power is yet to be cut off. Kids passing or playing nearby will not have an idea of the lethal circumstances surrounding the. This increases their chances of being armed big time.

There are a plethora of instances that will make this list of dos and don’ts hold enough water. All that you should know is children should at all times be monitored to prevent them from any potential harm. You do not want to raise a child with self-inflicted malformation, conditions or abnormalities.

Pack adequate food and drinks

I can still remember very well the times that my old mother now used to wake up in the wee hours of the day to prepare snacks for us to carry to daycare. She would at times scold us or put sense into our heads with some spanks on our small buttocks when we forgot to carry water with us to Edmonton Daycare.

Hunger will only drain your kids of blood sugar and they will remain inactive for long hours. This is unhealthy for their developments. They should be well hydrated too.

DO NOT let them go to daycare without enough food or drinks preferably water.

Proper clothing and diaper change

Some daycare facilities provide diapers for toddlers, some don’t. Check on your daycare service provider and respond accordingly.

DO NOT allow your children into daycare if not braced for the day’s weather changes or playground dirt.


Children are naughty at times. Be wary of any behaviors that may develop as a result of taking them to daycare.

DO NOT hesitate to inform the proprietors of the facility wen the children develop weird habits.

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